The Hub

The Hub is currently being rebuilt but was originally designed as something temporary and simple. All it contains is portals to all three of our servers. We plan to add parkour in the future and other forms of entertainment.


The SkyBlock server was completely custom developed to give a completely new take on the classic gamemode "SkyBlock" with use of a simple GUI based control system and the ability to add friends.


The survival server was designed by the team to give you a truly new experience to Minecraft, combining things like custom enchants, silk spawners, McMMO and a marriage plugin. (You can even be a priest) The survival server is heavily economy based and we have many ways to gain money. From mob arena, the shops at spawn or even other players!


The creative server is designed to put your building skills through their paces, with a chance to rank up 4 times through "Seedling" "Sapling" "Oak" and "Great Oak". "How do I rank up?" you might ask. Well first you must fill your plot with a building to your best ability. When you are done simply type /ticket review and an Admin or player with "Bm" or "Bone Meal" (get it?) will come and check your build. The idea is to make the reviewer want to see more. You may submit a plot as much as you want.

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